M5 Cleaning Services COVID-19 deep clean tersano

Cleansing your environment using cutting edge Stabilised Aqueous Ozone water technology by Tersano.

Supporting in the fight against COVID-19

M5 Cleaning Services COVID-19 deep
M5 Cleaning Services COVID-19 deep clean tersano

The New Way to Clean Your Environment

M5 Cleaning Services cleanse and sanitise your environment, killing bacteria and germs – including surrogates of the novel COVID-19, MRSA, Salmonella and e.coli.

  • COVID-19 decontamination cleaning services
  • Regular commercial cleaning service
  • Regular office cleaning service
  • Deep cleaning services
  • End of Tenancy cleaning services (including carpet and oven cleaning)
  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Fogging

You can be sure that we’ll leave you with surroundings that are healthy for you, and healthy for the planet, as well as expert advice – exceeding expectations every time.

We’re based in Bletchley, and operate throughout Milton Keynes and Newport Pagnell, as well as the wider Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire areas.

What You Can Expect

Cleaning and Sanitising Without Chemicals

We sanitise your floors and surfaces – as well as removing the dust – without the use of any chemicals such as bleach, or fumigation products that can leave behind fumes and residues. Our methods are completely safe for everyone.


Clear Evidence of Decontamination

In our COVID-19 decontamination cleans, we take swabs of specific areas and surfaces before we start, giving you a baseline for your clean, which is detailed on a floorplan of your premises. After your clean we swab again, and update the plan with your new hygiene numbers – which you can then display to your customers, staff and visitors.

Our Expert Advice

We leave you with our advice and recommendations for what you can do to keep everything as clean and germ-free as possible for you and everyone who uses your environment, until our next visit – so you can be sure you’ve done all you can to protect them.

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What We Use

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone by Tersano

The sanitiser that’s stronger than bleach, fights COVID-19, and is made of nothing but oxidised water

We clean with a revolutionary new method by Tersano which turns ordinary tap water into a cleaner and sanitiser that is effective as bleach and hydrogen peroxide – by adding nothing but oxygen.

The products we use – the Lotus Plus, and the iClean Mini – instantly convert ordinary drinking water into a powerful cleaning agent, simply by mixing with a stabiliser and oxygen filtered from the outside air. The water is then charged with electricity to create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone = H2O +O3, a powerful, natural sanitised cleaning solution which cleans surfaces as soon as it touches them. There’s no delayed action time – just spray, and it’s clean.

Because there are no chemicals involved at all, this method is safe to use absolutely everywhere. There are no toxins, residues or fumes, and there’s no risk of harm to humans or animals.

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is proven to kill surrogates of the novel COVID-19, MRSA, H1N1, E.Coli and Staph up to 99.99% of the time, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

The natural solution also sanitises surfaces virtually instantly, is stronger than bleach and more powerful than chlorine but just like water. You could drink it, spill it, or get it on your skin with no side effects whatsoever.

M5 cleaning water aqueous ozone tersano
M5 cleaning water aqueous ozone tersano
M5 cleaning water aqueous ozone tersano

Our products are totally safe, and legally compliant with the guidelines set out by Public Health England

Buy a Tersano iClean Mini

Cleanse and sanitise your environment whenever you need to with your own Tersano technology – one appliance to replace all of your current cleaning products:

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M5 Cleaning Services COVID-19 deep clean tersano

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